Aurra Sing Costume and Props

Longshot rifle, tools, bodysuit, and pistols.

Mrs. Hyatt/Sing in the AS outfit.
Dan Hyatt had us provide the rifle, bodysuit, and tools for a costume he took to new levels.
Kudos to Dan for a brilliant piece of work.
Shown here with all the accessories, AS doesn't seem to care much about cleanliness. Our bodysuit here is artificially soiled with special effects make-up.  Each stain and scuff was matched to the screen used suit.  A two-way stretch, colour matched material was utilized to recreate the unitard.

Tool set

Some of the tools that appear in A's vest. 
The left most prop is a canister on her back left shoulder, the centre plate (armour/mirror) sits in her right breast pocket, and the tube canister is on her right back shoulder.

AS rifle 2000s

for reference, photographed beside a 6' 1" Scott
Shortly after this photo was taken, the prop fell on him and rendered him unconscious for 3 days. (well, it could have happened)


Below: The First rifle pictures (October 99)

Shown here before completion, the rifle received an extensive detail treatment before being rushed out the door. AS's rifle was scaled to about 80 inches long. Spears extended beyond the end of the barrel. Comprised of a metal barrel, aluminium sub barrel, scope struts, metal detailing, plastic minor scope, and a wood stock stained pecan. I housed a blunt ended 'explosive projectile' inside the aluminium sub barrel to enhance the appearance.

Our friend, Dan Hyatt's brilliant AS pistols featuring the Bladerunner-esque dual triggers.

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