Cylon Centurion Armor costume

Our Cylon costume armour on the set of Battlestar Galactica [2003]. The figure was a display onboard the Galactica, which was decommissioned as a war ship at the beginning of the series.

Cylon costume & display

Vacuum metallized high impact ABS components, and custom fitted textile bodysuits in various colours: television 'mauve/purple', grey, or black with ribbing.

Cylon eye electronics

Click above linked image (left) to see the bright LED sweep of our custom designed electronic eye unit.

Our Cylon costumes at conventions

Parody VIDEOS: Centurion in distress!

Let's face it, Tricia Helfer isn't hard to look at, and that's not fair competition really, apples and oranges.  The new look of the robotic Cylons are also very impressive with their terrifying locomotive pursuit style. Despite all these gargantuan improvements to the look of special effects driven shows, computer generated magic hasn't been kind to the welfare of the classic centurions.  This photo is from the set of a SPACE commercial spoof by creative director Gord McWatters, heralding the return of the classic show to broadcast television for the fall of 2005, starring Scott Maple as the Cylon.

Apple computer users will find the above image as a 'widget' on's website. You know you've arrived when you're a desktop icon.

  VIDEO ONE: "The Retirement is over"

-Check out the full commercial video HERE

VIDEO TWO: The Space Channel 2006 Spacey Awards show shot this spoof, featuring our Cylon and some of our other costumes. (BELOW)

NEW VIDEO: Here is the kind of attention you can expect when you show up at a Star Wars convention wearing our Cylon costume.

video 2 here

Celebrity Enemies (and friends) of our classic Cylon costume

Actor Michael Hogan (Colonel Saul Tigh) goes toe to toe with an ancestor.


Actor Richard Hatch (Classic Apollo) autographing our control arm vambrace armour.  Actor Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol) and an associate.

Actor Leah Cairns ('Racetrack') keeps up her personal defences, as we're sure she's accustomed to.

Actor Leah Cairns ('Racetrack') finally cozies up to one of our cylons. Is there a buried plot line here? (Images courtesy of Marcel Damen of Galactica.TV Check out his amazingly detailed and definitive research page on all things CYLON here.)

Actor Dirk Benedict (Classic Starbuck) makes peace with the enemy.

DeLorean Motor Company Client: Cylon Protects Time Machine

The DeLorean Motor Company (Florida) has tight security on the gorgeous automobile of the same name. 

Resources and Credits


An early conceptual drawing by Ralph McQuarrie of the centurions with Boltar.
Later developed for production by technical designer Andrew Probert, the centurions would be seen in the "neoGreek" form as we know them today.  Interestingly, Mr. Probert had a hand in designing the look of the Back To The Future time machine (the DeLorean).

Scott Maple of Kropserkel provided 'classic' Cylon design costume and prop consultation for the Battlestar Galactica (2003) miniseries pilot in which one classic Cylon appeared onboard the Galactica's museum safely behind glass.

Photographs of our Cylon costume were provided for use with the Battlestar Galactica DVD collector's set (2003-2004).

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