Scout Trooper Armor (Biker Scout)

Scout outfit. Built for speed but not for high speed tree impacts. (obviously Volvo wasn't around back then to develop an impact safe model). The helmet shown above is the Don Post helmet.

Scout helmet (ABS)

Our lightweight ABS biker scout helmet assembled (and rough cut kit unassembled).

Stealth Scout (Black ABS Scout armor)

Creators of the first 'stealth scout' components.

Biker Scout Pistol Blaster Replica 1.0 (Stunt)

LEFT: The master tooling for the mould in wood and polyester. RIGHT: A casting in a rigid stunt gun plastic so that if it is dropped, it won't break.

LEFT: Prior to marching in the 2000 Toronto Beaches Easter Parade. This was a bad alley to find yourself cornered in.
RIGHT: 1998 meeting of some key costumers in front of city hall, Toronto.


Death Star Gunner Helmet by Altmanns Australia

This is a beautiful rare helmet by Altmann's in Australia that we picked up on vacation.



  Imperial TIE Pilot Deluxe by Don Post

Don Post's Deluxe TIE PILOT display. I don't know how those guys are supposed to hit anything while flying a TIE Fighter. Poor mislead souls.

Imperial forces: Scout Trooper Armor

The preferred helmet of the fastest in the Imperial forces: ABS Scout Helmet with flip up visor.

ST Body Armor

The hard armour component set prior to harnessing.
(20 pieces of high impact ABS in total including the back tank mount and 2 piece boot holster). Sorry, this armour will not prevent tree burn.


The back tank profile shows the undercutting lip and mounting bracket.

Magic Of Myth styled Thermal Detonator system.

Thigh drop boxes.

Detail castings

Our back tank detail control knobs are cast in solid black.

Soft parts

The soft scout parts worn under the armour with Velcro closure pouches.


(Droid search: Left to Right: Mark T., Stephane D., Kyle B. as a ROTJ style V, Bruno, and Doug F.)
Note: V's helmet in these 2 photographs is the Don Post Classic action series.

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