The staff of a dark wizard

The white superbright LED gives an ethereal glow to the globe.
The light source is reminiscent of moonlight and the internal swirling of the globe resemble a stirred moonscape.

The tip was inspired by the theme of the four alpha fins at the head.  A knuckled ring is positioned above the reduction point.


LOTR Saruman's Staff of Power

The 'S' staff is 78" long, features a metal staff body with 4 ABS alpha fins, and 4 cast polyurethane plastic sub fins, and a translucent cast plastic sphere that is lit by an ethereal super bright LED. The light is powered by a 6V battery housed in one of the cast sub fins, and controlled by a switch. Finished with a black hammered finish, its owner, once wise, turned to madness and now wields its power for evil.


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