Conceptual development of the MSG

The MSG pneumatic system is contained in a military grade ammunition casing. Keys are used to enable arming of the unit (indicated by a rotating red light atop the body of the device). Two triggers at the end of the handlebars must be pressed simultaneously to fire the weapon. Two overflow dump valves were incorporated to ensure that the cannon cannot be overcharged.

Kropserkel designed and built the MSG. Dominion Tank Police, Ghostbusters, MIB, and other influences went into the conceptual design.

Spin The Bottle

A collaborative effort of Kropserkel and JJAMB Productions. The wheel has tilting capability to make it a versatile on set prop. Categories include: Cheap Date, Extreme love poetry, Mating dance, Kiss, Swim suit strut, and Tenderizer.

Wheel Of Misfortune (variant theme Disk) to select the punishment for the Money Shot.

Wheel of Misfortune with theme categories:
Sticky String, Bath out of Hell, Fill your pants, Naughty Laundry, Here's Johnny, and Mop it up.
Spin for your punishment. Outrageously evil public displays to power your ultimate embarrassment.

U8TV's senior producer Martin Markle at the loft.
(Note: the bottle prop is not yet on the wheel)

The Money Shot Cannon (MSG)

The MSG (money shot gun) used to turn the tables of the U8TV game show.
A pneumatic whipped cream firing terror!

Scott tests the MSG worn by Richard at U8TV headquarters prior to the debut appearance.  Note the suggestive position required to fire the device.


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