The Uruk-hai helmet: Brutally fierce and fantastic by design, the single minded fighting Uruk-hai were personified by their crudely manufactured armour, and meticulously recreated here in 18 gauge mild steel, still mottled by the fires in which they were wrought.


These fierce helmets are weapons unto themselves with forward pointing tusk like blades that enabled an eye gouging head butt attack. This helmet is shown here forge blackened and water quenched, just as they were to have been created in the film, so brilliantly conceptualized and realized by New Zealand's finest. To those guys and gals, our proverbial helmet is off to you all.

Armour for a race with a single purpose

Simple by design, this 39" offensive swordsman shield serves double duty as a defensive blocking plate, and a gouging implement. The shield is strapped to the arm and has a leather wrapped handle for management in both capacities. A curved cut out section enables the user to hold the shield close to the body when the arm is bent.

Details include forged and hammered plate steel with heat bluing, charring, and corrosion, just like one would expect from hastily manufactured armour for armies of this size. Stylish by utilitarian necessity, and best utilizing the assets of such a race: fearless, without pain, and incredibly strong.

(Left) Swordsman right arm spike armour. Through traditional hand forgeding and hammering, these armoured components were fabricated using the very techniques that this race was supposed to have used.

This short shield arm serves as both a weapon and a defensive measure.
The notch at the top is where the bicep of the character is situated when the arm is bent 90 degrees.

The shielded left arm of the pike carrying warriors. Known as the 'ball-end' shield', this piece of armour enables a warrior to be armed even without their pike. The design of the fist end ensured that a foe would at least meet with an expensive trip to the dentist

Warrior mask and display head sculpt in progress.
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Uruk-hai armour (armor) replica

"A new power is rising, it's victory is at hand!"

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Shown above is the metal incarnation of the fighting Uruk-hai soldier armour.

"It is an army bred with a single purpose, to destroy the world of men." .

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