The 'Lockjaw' and 'Rhino' helmets

The Lockjaw helm (left) beside a polyurethane foam prosthetic mask (see page two for an alternate prosthetic). Note that the mask has hard plastic teeth and pierced jewelry. It is designed to fit in the Lockjaw helm specifically. The Rhino helm (right) is designed for a larger prosthetic mask.

The 'Lockjaw' helmet was used for the cover of
Stan Nicholls' book entitled 'Orcs'.

The 'Lockjaw' helmet with its toothy grimace is an original design inspired to invoke fear and encourage dental hygiene. These helmets are cast in a black plastic and given two different weathered and distressed special effects paint jobs to simulate varying degrees of a battle damaged finish. The sculpture in co-ordination with the paint scheme make a very convincing piece, even when closely scrutinized.

Shown here with two different paint schemes: an oiled and distressed iron, and a heavily corroded iron finish.

Our lit eye device shown separately and in use in the Lockjaw helmet for that extra creep factor.

Some details of the Lockjaw helmet.

The Rhino helm

See page 2 with a Goblin mask and full Moria Orc

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LOTR styled Helmets and masks
(page one of two)

Left to Right: Moria Orc helmet, Berserker helmet, and our metal Fighting Uruk-hai (swordsman) helmet.



The Uruk Commander helmet

The Uruk Commander helmet features a large crest that is used as a visual marker to subordinates in the field. This helmet is cast in plastic with a simulated wet iron finish.

The 'Berserker' helmet

The Berserker helmet shown here in plastic with a dark wet iron simulated finish. The white hand has touched this warrior helmet and smears back over the forehead. Kamikazes Orcs indeed looked the part. These characters started the concept of holding a lit flame at rock concerts. Certainly one way to 'bring the house down'.


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